Vocabulary Practice-01

Practice Exercise

1. Hamza is amazingly _____________ at such a young age of 5 years: He adeptly persuaded his reluctant parents to let him stay up to watch another hour for cartoon series on television.
    A)   concise
    B)   astute
    C)   verbose
    D)   adjure
    E)   capricious
2. Because we are short on time, _____________ appreciated; we need to leave in five minutes to catch the bus.
    A)   circumlocution
    B)   allegation
    C)   pontification
    D)   brevity
    E)   affirmation
3. Those not used to Imran’s _____________ speaking style found him to be _____________ and did not like him at first.
    A)   affirmative … incisive
    B)   surly … congenial
    C)   laconic … brusque
    D)   circumlocutory … direct
    E)   garrulous … phlegmatic


Write the word whose meaning is given:

(brusque, succinct, astute, prudent, perjure, garrulous, judicious)

From the above words, write the word whose meaning is given below:

4. keenness of judgement:                     _______
5. talkative:                                                _______
6. rudely abrupt:                                       _______
7. intelligent:                                             _______
8. false witness:                                        _______
9. reasonable:                                           _______
10. speak precisely and clearly:             _______

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Answers & Explanation:

1. B: The colon (:) introduces an explanation. Adeptly means with great skill. A young age of 5 years would have to be pretty sharp or smart enough to persuade reluctant parents.

concise: brief and to the point
astute: shrewd; smart; sharp
verbose: wordy
adjure: order; command
capricious: changeable; unpredictable
2. D: A person short on time would likely appreciate something that is quick, which makes quickness a good choice.

circumlocution: speaking irrelevant or not speaking to the point
allegation: charge; accusation
pontification: speaking in a pompous manner
brevity: briefness; short and quick
affirmation: positive assertion; declaring truth
3. C: They didn’t like him at first, so the second blank is a negative word. The first blank should describe a speaking style that would cause some-one to think that he is described by the second word.

affirmative: declaring truth                              incisive: keen; insightful; intelligent
surly: irritable; ugly; rude                                 congenial: friendly; favorable
laconic: short; lacking words; brief                 brusque: rudely abrupt in speech
circumlocutory: using too many words          direct: to the point
garrulous: very talkative                                   phlegmatic: lacking energy; calm; emotionless


4. astute
5. garrulous
6. brusque
7. prudent
8. perjure
9. judicious
10. succinct