Basics of Logic: Lesson-03

Counting Figures

First of all, the analytical section in your exam will not include such questions that you will study here. However, these basic lessons are the building block of analytical reasoning— also known as group reasoning. The basics of logic will cover figure analysis, puzzling sentences, logical structures, and basics of critical thinking. Without learning these basics, solving analytical reasoning MCQs is like using a pen without having even a drop of ink. This building block will serve the following purposes:

  1. Broaden your scope of thinking that helps you reason well to accept or reject any piece of information
  2. (How many possible alternatives can you find based on the given info or situation?)

  3. Enhance your cognitive ability and clarity of your imagination
  4. (How much can you analyze and think about any situation or information?)

Basically, answers to the above two questions would tell analytically how good you are. Keep in mind that there is no unique method to solve analytical questions. And more importantly, smart strategies may be exercised to find correct answers too quickly.

“There is no shortcut to becoming an expert.”

~ Maxim

We will not tell you how to become an expert. Instead, we will train you so that you become an expert by your own through our 4 weeks study plan. Thereby, you will be able to solve analytical reasoning questions within the allocated time of your test.

Are you ready? So, let’s begin the journey!

Consider the diagram below:

basics of logic-q1

How Many Squares Can You Spot in the Above Figure?

Please do not see the solution before giving it a try on your own. Give at least 3 – 5 minutes for brainstorming on the above figure, and see what comes into your head!


You should watch the video that includes some clues to help you reach to the correct answer by your own:

Throughout this online course, we will train you while giving maximum emphasis on brainstorming so that you will learn the skill and not just the concept. We will never provide you a straight answer to any question. Instead, we will help you to solve every question by your own gradually after gaining mastery. You know why? Because this training will give you confidence on the test day!