GAT Analytical Reasoning

GAT analytical reasoning

Analytical section is the hardest part in tests like NTS GAT and HEC HAT. Total number of analytical questions depends on the GAT test type that you are going to take. Every question from analytical reasoning section is a part of some group-based reasoning.

Does GAT Analytical Reasoning Section Include Hard Questions?

NTS analytical reasoning section is the most difficult part on the GAT general test. This is because our higher or secondary schools, colleges and universities offer syllabus which never include analytical reasoning skill. Thus, learning the strategy and doing quality practice is the only way to do well on GAT analytical reasoning. Moreover, analytical reasoning questions consume a lot of time to solve. Hence, you must strive to save time by completing the quantitative and Verbal sections too quickly.

Do I need any specific training to solve these questions?

Well, many people have different skills, so I would answer it as yes for majority of people. It requires some analytical thinking and logical interpretation of the information. This definitely require some training. Major part of GAT and HEC commonwealth scholarship tests consists Analytical Reasoning questions.

What do These Analytical Questions test in GAT?

GAT Analytical reasoning: In the analytical ability section, the analytical reasoning question types assess a student’s ability to determine the correct answer based on some information and rules. These questions appear in groups, with each group based on a single passage. Furthermore, they test multiple skills such as deductive reasoning using conditional statements and identifying what could be true based on certain rules. For instance, you may be asked who can sit between Ahmed and Ali, or who cannot sit next to Ahmed if Bashir sits next to Ali etc.

GAT Logical reasoning: The second part of the analytical ability section is the logical reasoning question. But sometimes the logical reasoning questions are placed in verbal section. These questions present you with arguments and you must analyze, evaluate, and reject them. GAT logical reasoning questions are based on short arguments. Each argument is then followed by a set of questions. They test your skills such as coming up with conclusions, inferences or reasoning by analogy.

Analytical Reasoning Sample

You should try our analytical reasoning MCQs with answers explanations for sample. The complete lessons and practice questions with explanation is available in our GAT general book which covers all the three sections of GAT test. You can place online order for the GAT book.

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