Commonwealth Scholarship Pakistan

Get complete info about Commonwealth Scholarship Pakistan that comes under Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

Commonwealth Scholarship Pakistan for the year 2023 has announced. This scholarship is offered for postgraduate study in UK. Approximately 900 scholarships and fellowships are distributed to all commonwealth countries every year. Over 30,000 scholars and fellows have received this award in commonwealth countries till date. As Pakistan is among the commonwealth countries, students receive 80 scholarships here every year. Students receive this scholarship to study in commonwealth countries for either MS or PhD programs (but not MS leading to PhD).


Eligibility Criteria for Commonwealth Scholarship:

Following are the eligible criteria for Pakistani students to apply for commonwealth scholarship:

1. Must be a citizen of Pakistan
2. Must have completed 16-years of education to apply for MS program, and 18-years of educations to apply for PhD program to study in UK.

Important Note: Result awaiting candidates are not eligible to apply. In other words, those students who have not received their degree before the application deadline of commonwealth scholarship are not eligible to apply.

Those who have fulfilled the above criteria can apply. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, you must complete your education requirements as mentioned earlier. Moreover, it is important to note that commonwealth scholarship is not for those who want to apply for MS leading to PhD program. That is you have to come back to Pakistan after completion of Masters from UK. Also note that students who didn’t received their university degree could not apply. Those who received their final degree and transcript can apply confidently.


How to apply for Commonwealth Scholarship Pakistan:

Firstly, you should know what organization is responsible to shortlist candidates in Pakistan. Higher Education Commission of Pakistan is responsible to select applicants from all over Pakistan. Every candidate requires to submit two separate applications through Commonwealth portal and HEC portal.

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Commonwealth Scholarship Test Pattern:

Firstly, Commonwealth Scholarship Test Pattern is similar to GAT, but it requires rigorous preparation. Just as GAT test pattern, Commonwealth Scholarship test pattern has three sections: Quantitative reasoning, Verbal reasoning and Analytical reasoning. Usually candidates who get 80+ marks in HAT receive call for interview.

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Important Note: Pattern of the commonwealth scholarship test is same as HEC HAT, which has similar pattern & syllabus that NTS GAT General covers. So, prepare for HAT if you want to appear in HEC scholarship test to study in UK.


About negative marking in this test:

Many students also asked me whether is there negative marking in Commonwealth Scholarship test? Please be clear about it. There is NO NEGATIVE MARKING in this exam. Attempt every questions and never left any question blank. As there’s chance that you would have better luck on your guesses. Also few students asked that how many questions come in such exam. There are total 100 questions of 1 mark each. Whether it’s easy question or difficult, every question has equal weightage.

So I advise you to attempt your favorite section first and least favorite at the end. And if you left only two minutes in your exam, just forget what you are doing. And answer the remaining questions on random guesses in that two minutes. Please note that answering one question require almost average 8 seconds even on guess. Because filling circles properly is a time-taking task. So never wait for few seconds to answer remaining question. Start answering remaining questions when you hear that only two minutes left.


Commonwealth Scholarship Test Preparation:

After understanding the application procedure and test pattern, you have to plan for commonwealth scholarship test preparation. It is important to note that mare passing this test with 50 marks does not mean success. In other words, there is no as such passing or failing criteria. As the competition is very high, so you need to get minimum 80+ marks out of 100. Many preparation books that are available in the market are outdated or out of scope. These books only help in getting approximately 40-60 marks. To help you in this test preparation, we have published The Best Book of HAT test preparation to help you get 90+ marks in commonwealth scholarship test.

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Important Note: Commonwealth Scholarship Test date is not announced yet. However, 18th October, 2022 is the last date to apply for commonwealth scholarship as a Pakistani student to study in UK.


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