GAT Test Score Validity

GAT test takers in Pakistan don’t need to appear in the exam over and over again. The GAT test scores are valid for two full years, starting from the test date. The GAT scores within two years of the test date are accepted by all universities and scholarship bodies like Commonwealth General Scholarship. Candidates seeking admissions to post graduate programs and HEC scholarships can now avoid the hassle of re-taking the GAT again unless they have a bad GAT result.


When will I receive my official GAT scores?

For those taking the paper-based GAT test by NTS will have to wait 15-20 days to receive your official GAT score report. NTS dispatches the GAT test results 7 days after the test date and it takes another 5-10 days to receive the scores by mail. Meanwhile you can always log in to the online NTS portal and use your roll number to check your results. Your GAT test scores can be rechecked or altered at a later stage if you think you got less marks.


How can I send my GAT test scores to institutions that I am applying to?

You may send a copy of your official GAT score report that was mailed to you. Those institutions will then verify your results if they want to using the NTS online portal.


By the way, students who use GAT 30 days Study Plan improve their scores significantly. On an average we have seen students improve their scores by 25 points.

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