Commonwealth Scholarship Test Tips

One of the Commonwealth Scholarship test preparation tips here is not to worry about the 100% attempt of all questions. Attempt around 85 questions within time with 100% precision. While remaining attempt on guesses. Usually minimum of 85 marks, out of 100 marks, increase the chance for getting interview call. But in this exam, getting more than 50 marks is really hard. You will waste your exam fee, if you attempt this exam without very good preparation. The first step in shortlisting applicants from thousands to approximately 200 is very important. This commonwealth scholarship test helps to shortlist from thousands to just two hundred. Therefore, never waste your effort and time by attempting this test without very rigorous preparation.

Although Commonwealth scholarship test is similar to GAT, but commonwealth scholarship test preparation strategy is not same as GAT preparation strategy. Firstly, Commonwealth scholarship test tips are very hard to attain as compared to GAT test tips. For instance, the target score is very high in Commonwealth Scholarship test as compared to that of GAT. Secondly, the time-management is also very tough in commonwealth scholarship test as compared to GAT.

Moreover, commonwealth scholarship test is conducted to shortlist applicant for Commonwealth Scholarship. Therefore, getting 50 marks does not mean passing this test. So the target score should be to get highest possible score. Usually the Top Scorer in Commonwealth Scholarship test is around 88-92 marks out of 100. So Nobody can attempt 100% with perfect accuracy and within time. Mostly 85-90 questions can be attempted within time (i.e 2 hours). So strategically, commonwealth scholarship test is more challenging as compared to GAT. But question difficulty level and type is similar to GAT.


Commonwealth Scholarship Test Tips for each section:

Quantitative Section:

Firstly, quantitative reasoning section includes 25 questions in commonwealth scholarship test. After completion of this commonwealth scholarship test preparation course, you will be expert enough to complete quantitative reasoning section (i.e 25 questions) within 30 minutes. Most likely you will able to get minimum 24 marks out of 25 in this section.


Verbal Section:

Secondly, verbal reasoning section includes 35 questions in this test. This section will be in your finger tips after completion of commonwealth scholarship test preparation course. Only “Analogies” questions, which includes no more than 5 questions, will be challenging. Thus you can surly get minimum 32 marks in this section.


Analytical Section:

Thirdly, and most importantly, analytical reasoning section constitutes the highest portion of commonwealth scholarship test. This section includes 40 questions. Therefore, I have made this online preparation course such that the maximum focus should be on analytical section. This section will be covered by different scenario based lessons. Also after completion of the online preparation and 5 practice tests, you will further see very hard level questions bank from this section. Because analytical section is the hardest as well as constitutes the largest portion, so this online course is enough to excel you in this section. I can expect that you will able to get minimum 32 marks in this section.


Lastly, after knowing Commonwealth scholarship test tips, if you are ready to start Commonwealth scholarship test preparation, click on the “Start Preparation” button below:



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