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Antonym questions on the GAT test account for about 25% of the total number of GAT verbal questions. Antonyms are the quickest questions to solve on the GAT test. If you know the meanings of the words it should not take you more than 30 seconds to solve a GAT antonym question. If you don’t know the meaning of the word in question, then you shouldn’t take more than 5 seconds to just make a guess and move on.

Introduction to the question

The antonym section of GAT test by NTS requires you to choose a word from a set of five choices which is exactly opposite in meaning to the word in question. Antonyms are primarily vocabulary based questions but they also test your ability to know the secondary meanings or lesser known meaning of words.

Some tips to answer antonym questions on GAT

On these questions, if you know the meaning of the word, then you can immediately answer the question correctly without spending much time.

However in many cases, a synonym (word similar in meaning) of the word in question is intentionally added to the answer choices to trip you off. Be careful as it is a very common mistake made by many GAT students to chose the synonym.

In case you do not know the meaning of the word on the GAT antonym questions, try to breakdown the word and infer its meaning. In such a case, your knowledge of prefixes, suffixes and roots can help you greatly.

Another way to work around questions in which you do not know the meaning of the word is to see if the word has either a positive or negative meaning. For example, if the word is negative in connotation, then you should look for a word with a positive connotation. Again you will have to have the knowledge of prefixes and roots to be able to answer such questions.

Improve your vocabulary

Vocabulary is the key to antonym questions on the NTS GAT exam. While preparing for the GAT test, try to improve your vocabulary and its usage. Here are some ways in which you can improve your GAT vocabulary.

  • Try to associate words with pictures while learning them. This will help you recall meanings for words very easily.

  • Use the new words that you learn daily into your everyday conversation.

  • Always look for secondary and implied meaning of whatever words you learn to improve your GAT vocabulary.

  • Use fun exercise like cross matching, word puzzles etc. to make vocabulary learning a fun activity.

Directions for the GAT antonym questions

Directions: Choose the answer option for the word with a meaning most nearly opposite to the meaning of word in capital letters.

Practice GAT antonym questions

Below is a sample GAT antonym question. Give it a try and solve it! To get a detailed explanation and the correct answer to this question, solve these free real antonym GAT practice questions.

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A. sagacious
B. pedestrian
C. loquacious
D. taciturn
E. talkative

To check the correct answer and for a detailed explanation of this question please try these free sample GAT antonym questions.

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