How hard is the GAT Test?

Many students in Pakistan ask us how hard the GAT test is. Simply speaking, GAT is a tricky exam and by no means an easy one, especially if you haven’t prepared yet. Moreover, it becomes even more difficult if you have not studied at a university for a while. All across, students find the GAT analytical section by far the most difficult one on the GAT as compared to the verbal and quantitative parts. In this blog, you will read the difficulty level of all three sections in the NTS GAT General test.


How hard is GAT analytical reasoning portion?

The truth is that GAT analytical reasoning is a very difficult section of the test. The reason is that almost none of us have seen or even attempted such questions previously. Of course, all of us have studied Math and English, but we have yet to look at GAT Analytical reasoning questions.

Lots of information & confusing words: GAT analytical reasoning questions require you to use logic and common sense in a way that is not natural to most of us in Pakistan. The wording of the questions is confusing and difficult to understand. Moreover every question has lots of information to process in very short amount of time.

Time pressure: On the GAT, you have about a minute and a half to solve each reasoning question. If you have more time, you will invariably do well and be much more comfortable. Time shortage causes additional pressure, which makes the analytical portion even more difficult.


How hard is the GAT math portion?

Many Pakistan GAT test takers think Math is the easier portion of the exam. However, this is not entirely correct. Indeed, the concepts and topics tested on the mathematical ability section of the GAT are at the 8th or 9th class level. However, they are much trickier than anything you have ever studied before.

Many GAT students studied math a few years ago. Therefore, they find it very rusty and different. Add the time pressure to the trickiness of the questions, and the GAT math portion also becomes understandably difficult on the quant part.


How hard is the GAT verbal portion?

Again, English is not easy because the GAT verbal section requires you to know many new words and vocabulary you haven’t seen before. Couple this with the fact that if you do not have a good reading speed and ability to remember information as you read, it will become tough to score well in this section. The key is that while you prepare for the GAT, you must frequently read on a diverse range of topics.

The simple fact is that GAT English is challenging, even for above-average students. Reading comprehension is long and strenuous, but the vocabulary could be more explicit and straightforward.


Is the NTS GAT test really that hard?

I am not writing this blog post to discourage prospective GAT test takers. However, GAT is a serious test, and one must work hard to do well. This test should not be taken lightly, as your future admissions and scholarships depend on it. With focused-based smart study, you can do well and pursue your dreams.

GAT is a test in which you compete with thousands of other students from Pakistan. You must answer as many questions as possible to get an excellent GAT result to secure admission to the MPhil program in your desired university. Remember that each question carries equal marks in GAT. Therefore, you compete with yourself rather than against many other bright and competitive students


While preparing for the GAT, keep the following points in mind:

1. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare for the GAT.
2. Practice a lot
3. Be patient and persistent


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