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On the GAT general test by NTS, you will see about 5-8 analogy questions, depending on the GAT test type you are taking. These questions should not take more than a minute and a half to solve. Moreover, in case you do not know the meaning of the words in question, don’t waste time; make a guess and move on. For easier analogy questions, strive to answer in less than 45 seconds so that you can save time for other difficult GAT questions.

Introduction to the question

In analogy questions, you will be give a pair of capitalized words. Your job will be to determine the connection between these words and then chose the pair of words from a set of 5 options that have a similar relationship. Additionally, These question types not only test your vocabulary but also test your ability to uncover relationships between words.

Some tips to answer GAT analogy questions

  • Always begin with finding a relationship between the pair of words in question (the capitalized words). Make a simple short sentence that connects the two words and plug each of the answer choices one by one to see if any fits.
  • Do not waste time on coming up with a complex relation between the words in question.
  • Make sure you check all the answer choices before selecting the correct one.
  • Many times for the difficult analogy questions, you will see that more than one answer choices fits your relationship. If this happens go back and come up with a different and a more specific relation between the words.


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Practicing for GAT Analogies

Build your vocabulary. Analogy questions test you vocabulary to a greater extent. If you don’t know the meaning of words in question or the options, it would become really difficult to do well on the NTS GAT analogy questions. Therefore, work hard towards building a good solid vocabulary base.

Do not focus on just the difficult vocabulary. Furthermore, always learn words that cover a wide array of areas. If you only learn hard level words without focusing on easier ones, you may end up learning words that you won’t see on your GAT test day.

Use your vocabulary often. Additionally, don’t just learn word lists. Make sure you apply and use those new words wherever possible to ensure you consolidate them. By simply learning lists you risk forgetting a lot of them and mixing or confusing what you learned.

Directions for the GAT analogy questions

Directions: Choose the answer key which contains a pair of words with a relationship most similar to the relationship between the pair of words in capital letters.

Practice GAT Analogy Questions

Finally, Below is a sample GAT analogy question. Try and solve it! For detailed explanation and answers please practice one of our analogy tests below.


(A) alacrity : grumpiness
(B) concavity : hole
(C) voracity : drunkenness
(D) acuity : keenness
(E) nativity : infant

To check the correct answer and for a detailed explanation of this question please try these free sample questions.


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