NTS English Vocabulary List-01

Frequently used NTS English Words List-01:

Ideally, you should give two hours to learn the NTS English vocabulary from 1 to 25 words in addition to their synonyms & antonyms. It will be easier to learn if you give 1 hour in the morning, and 1 hour at night for revising these words.






001. concise brief and to the point succinct; terse; brief; short; lessen; abridge prolix; discursive; protracted; circumlocutory; verbose
002. laconic using few words taciturn; reticent; terse; brusque; brief garrulous; loquacious
003. succinct spoken or written in a clear and precise manner terse; concise; curt; pithy; compact; condensed prolix; discursive; protracted; circumlocutory; verbose; wordy
004. brusque rudely abrupt or harshly brief curt; abrupt; petulant; brief polite; courteous; kind
005. abridge shorten a written text abbreviate; concise; shorten augment; amplify; protract
006. brevity quality of succinct expression (derived from the word brief) conciseness; pithiness; succinctness; laconism; economy longevity; permanence
007. conspire plan together secretly to commit an unethical or illegal act collude; devise; collaborate; contrive leave; neglect; disagree
008. concur agree accord; harmonize; cohere; consent clash; disagree; deny; dissent
009. concord a state of harmony; mutual agreement unanimity; consensus; harmonize discord; agitate; disunity; disturb; hostility
010. congenital existing at birth innate; inherited; inborn; indigenous non-native; unconstitutional
011. schism a division into political or religious faction (i.e. groups) alienation; faction; rift; divergent; division; discord; fissure; dissension agreement; harmony; peace; accord; unity; conformity
012. incisive intelligent; keen; insightful acute; keen; astute; canny; perspicacious; judicious; shrewd weak; stupid; incompetent; innocent; vacuous; vapid; obtuse
013. judicious reasonable; sensible; showing sound judgement; careful prudent; astute; cautious; circumspect; sagacious; shrewd; sober; rational rash; improvident; careless; irrational; imprudent; ignorant; inattentive; unsound; unrealistic; unwise
014. astute keen; intelligent; crafty sagacious; shrewd; incisive; canny; perspicacious; adroit; insightful; discerning vacuous; vapid; obtuse; foolish; stupid; inept; idiotic; naïve; imbecile; asinine
015. scrutinize to examine carefully analyze; peruse; scan; watch; check; investigate; study forget; ignore; neglect; misunderstand
016. pragmatic concerning to practical outcomes; down-to-earth efficient; logical; practical; realistic; sober idealistic; imaginative; irrational; excited; impractical; unreasonable
017. perjure to lie under oath; bear false witness prevaricate; deceive; delude; equivocate; falsify; forswear; mislead; trick; lie honest; sincere; attest; certify; prove
018. prudent wise; intelligent; careful judicious; sensible; cautious; reasonable; shrewd; frugal; economical; circumspect improvident; rash; careless; expensive; foolish; hasty; reckless; stupid; wasteful; unreasonable; thoughtless
019. jurisdiction area of authority; scope; zone; limits; range domain; authority; control; command; power; territory; supervision; district incapacity; submission; surrender; weakness
020. adjure order; to command solemnly as under oath beseech; command; charge; entreat; implore; obligate answer
021. adjudge determine based on law adjudicate; arbitrate; award; decide; decree; determine defer; hesitate; ignore; leave
022. acumen keenness of judgement; ability to understand and reason shrewdness; perspicacity; discernment; awareness; intellect; intelligence; judgement; vision; wisdom; acuteness; cunning; smart; perception; sharpness ignorance; insensitivity; stupidity; mistake; ineptness; obtuseness; foolishness
023. inscrutable beyond comprehension or imagination; difficult abstruse; enigmatic; recondite; impenetrable; ambiguous; arcane clear; comprehensible; intelligible; fathomable; obvious; plain
024. allegation blame; charge charge; contention; accusation; assertion exculpation; denial
025. affirmation declaration of the truth of something confirmation; assertion; certification; ratification; testimonial negation; denial; veto; nullify