GAT Verbal Section

The GAT verbal section tests your reading comprehension, critical reading, grammatical and vocabulary skills. All questions on the GAT verbal section are multiple choice and the questions are a mixture of the following 4 types of questions:

  1. Synonyms & Antonyms (tests your vocabulary)
  2. Analogy (tests your vocabulary and identifying relations between words)
  3. Sentence completion questions (tests you vocabulary and its contextual usage)
  4. Reading comprehension questions (tests your ability to read and understand passages and paragraphs)


GAT antonym questions

On the GAT test you will be given a bunch of antonym questions. In each one of them, you will be a given a word and you will have to find its opposite word from a set of 5 answer choices.

Moreover, This question tests your vocabulary skills and you must memorize 400-500 new words to do well on these type of questions.

GAT analogy questions

On the GAT test you will find analogy questions in which you will be given a pair of words. Your job will be to determine a very precise relationship between those pair of words and chose a pair of words from a set of 5 options that have the same relationship.

Additionally, Analogy questions on the GAT primarily test your ability to find relationship between words. However if you don’t know the meaning of the words then you cannot find the connection – hence this questions tests vocabulary knowledge as well.

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These questions are nothing but “fill-in-the-blank” questions that we used to do when we were in school. The only difference now is that they are tougher and use a lot of difficult vocabulary. These questions can either have 1 or 2 blanks. Your job is to read the sentence and chose the best words for the blank(s) from a set of 5 options.

This question tests your ability to contextually use words and vocabulary.

GAT reading comprehension questions

GAT critical reading questions require you to read a passage, which may be 1-4 paragraphs long, and then answer questions about it. The questions are presented in the order of information provided in the passage. The passages come from a diverse range of topics such as social sciences, technology, arts, phycology etc. You do not need any specific subject knowledge in order to answer the questions. All the answers are either stated in the passage or directly implied by it.

These questions test your ability to read a lot of information, understand it, process it and then answer questions related to it.

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