NTS English Vocabulary List-03

Frequently used NTS English Words List-03:

Hopefully, you are getting first 50 NTS English words quite effortlessly. Let’s keep it up and learn 25 more new English words.






051. immutable unable to change; unchangeable permanent; inveterate; enduring; immovable; inflexible; fixed; constant mutable; protean; vacillating; mercurial; flexible; variable
052. metamorphosis transformation; conversion; change mutation; transmogrification; evolution; alteration; stagnation; unchangeable
053. rupture break open; crack; split breach; fissure; fracture; schism; divide agreement; harmony; peace
054. transmute to transform; convert metamorphose; transfigure; transmogrify; interchange; modify; revise; remodel; alter refuse; stagnate; preserve; keep
055. amorphous lacking shape; shapeless; changeable in form nebulous; vague; nondescript; formless; irregular; unshaped; unstructured; crystalline; definite; distinct;
056. mercurial subject to wild changes in character fickle; capricious; vacillating; erratic; impulsive; volatile; unpredictable; fluctuating; irregular; elastic; flighty constant; predictable; reliable; stable; steady; tranquil; imperturbable
057. protean capable of assuming different forms polymorphous; labile; gifted; versatile; adroit; multifaceted immutable; stable
058. mutate to change form; convert transform; transmogrify; alter; modify; vary remain; stable; stay
059. fickle likely to change opinion unpredictably capricious; vacillating; volatile; unstable; mercurial; frivolous constant; stable; steady; reliable
060. fluctuate irregularly vary vacillate; waver; oscillate; remain; stay; persist
061. vacillate irregularly vary fluctuate; waver; oscillate; remain; stay; persist
062. revamp to revise; clean; repair; restore renovate; refurbish; update; rehabilitate; revive; revitalize break; damage; destroy; hurt; ruin
063. amend to improve; to remove the faults rectify; redress; ameliorate; mitigate; fix; reform; remedy lower; worsen; hurt; depress; destroy; ignore
064. hackneyed overused; outdated trite; prosaic; banal; obsolete fresh; new; original
065. mundane ordinary; typical routine; workaday; banal; prosaic; earthly; commonplace abnormal; unusual; extraordinary; exciting; heavenly; supernatural
066. vacuous blank; dull; foolish; empty drained; dumb; stupid; silly; superficial; vacant; void aware; full; intelligent
067. prosaic ordinary; unimaginative mundane; pedestrian; banal; humdrum; dull; irksome innovative; quixotic; whimsical
068. insipid uninteresting; dull; without favor banal; innocuous; vapid; tasteless; feeble; mundane; pointless; bland; nondescript original; sharp; exciting; interesting; tasty; engaging; enchanting; piquant; delicious
069. banal ordinary; commonplace trivial; hackneyed; trite; dumb; conventional; vapid intelligent; original; sharp
070. pedestrian ordinary prosaic; banal; vapid; humdrum; mediocre exciting; extraordinary; unusual; exceptional
071. dormant inactive sleeping inert; fallow; passive; lethargic; sluggish; fallow active; alert; awake; conscious; lively
072. unanimous in full agreement; consistent; universal concordant; concerted; accordant; collective; combined; popular; agreed split; divided; conflict; undecided
073. uniform consistent homogeneous; consonant; regular; smooth; stable disorderly; flexible; imbalanced; irregular; dissimilar; inconsistent
074. equanimity even tempered; calmness; peace aplomb; composure; coolness; tranquility; assurance; poise; patience; imperturbability agitation; excitement; distrust; doubt; fear; frustration; anxiety
075. magnanimous noble of heart; generous; forgiving philanthropic; altruistic; merciful; charitable; noble; beneficent; bountiful; free selfish; petty; stingy; suspicious