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Here we help you prepare for the GAT general test by giving you comprehensive GAT sample papers and practice tests with detailed explanations. Our GAT questions are developed by test preparation professionals who themselves scored in the top 99 percentile of the GAT and similar exams like the GRE international test. Moreover they have helped hundreds of students with their GAT preparation and and assisted many to get 99 percentile GAT scores.

We have hundreds of GAT practice questions that have carefully written and compiled to mimic the actual GAT test. At the end of every online GAT test you will get your scorecard with detailed explanations for the incorrect answers. We want you to learn from your mistakes and improve your GAT score so that you are able to get into the top programs of your choice and achieve your scholarship dream.

Verbal Ability:

Over 50 free questions with explanations covering sentence completion, analogies, antonyms and reading comprehensions.

Analytical Ability:

Over 20 free questions with explanations covering critical thinking, arrangements and logical reasoning.
Quantitative Ability:
Over 60 free questions with explanations covering arithmetic, geometry, algebra, quantitative comparison and problem solving.

Some helpful tips for GAT Preparation:

GAT is a seriously difficult exam and one should not take it lightly. If you do not work towards it, it is very unlikely that you will be able to achieve a good score. Generally a good score is somewhere above the 65 percentile, which is 50 marks out of 100. However different programs have different requirements for the GAT score and you must check with your prospective program to see their exact GAT score requirement.

What is the best time to start NTS GAT prep?

Always start preparing well before the GAT test date. Plan you GAT preparation at least 1 to 2 months ahead of time. You must make sure that you are well aware of the registration deadlines for the GAT, the process of registration and other test related information such as GAT test schedule and dates. In short, planning ahead is the key to a good GAT score.

Start with reviewing GAT test structure and study material:

We all know that when we start preparing for a new test like GAT, we are new to everything. You may be under the illusion that you do not need to prepare for the GAT exam since you have studied so much in your previous years. This may cause us to underestimate the difficulty of the test. However it is a well known fact that students who do exceptionally well in their earlier education end up getting a bad GAT score if they take the test without preparation.

Plus thousands of students from hundreds of different universities in Pakistan take the GAT exam. Hence you might not know what level of competition is in store for you. Start your GAT prep by reviewing the GAT study materials and resources available in the market. Learn all the tips and strategies that are given in the popular GAT books. Focus on the analytical portion of the exam since it is the most challenging part of the test. Students usually fail and underperform in the analytical area since it contains the type of questions we have never seen before on any of the tests we have taken.

How do I know if the preparation material is good quality?

Good quality GAT prep material trains students in two key areas: complete knowledge of the topics tested and thorough practice of the GAT test. It should teach students from a holistic perspective covering all major as well as minor areas of the test. For instance if a specific material focuses on just vocabulary while not covering other areas in depth, then the material is not reliable.

Time being a major limiting factor must be dealt with utmost priority on the GAT test. A good GAT prep resource must contain short cut techniques to solve all question types on the GAT test so that you are able to complete the whole test within the allotted time. Above all, it should have the ability to teach in simple language so that students from all backgrounds in Pakistan can easily learn and understand everything.

To top it off you must do at least 6-8 full-length practice tests to apply all the techniques you learned. Practice is the key to success on the GAT exam and regardless of how much you learn, it is all useless if you do not practice it within the actual time on real questions of the GAT test.

GAT Preparation Plan (with Practice):

Many people asked me to give them a proper one month (30-Days) study plan that they can easily give to GAT preparation at home and fully prepare for the test. They as me how much time require to study for it’s preparation? I’ve, therefore, made the plan so that it’ll be accessible in one place.

To start the 30-Days Study plan right know, click on ‘GAT Preparation Online’ button below:

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