Is It Worth Retaking the GAT Test

GAT test by NTS is an extremely important test and is a compulsory requirement for many scholarships and admissions to post-graduate programs in and out of Pakistan. Every GAT student that prepares for the exam strives to maximize his or her chances of getting a top-notch score in the GAT test.

Many GAT test takers in Pakistan spent as many as 3 months preparing for the test, thinking that this may improve their scores significantly. They tend not to focus on other parts of their applications and end up rushing through the application process.

Although GAT is extremely important but remember it is only one part of your application to either HEC or other programs. If you spend too much or too little time preparing for the GAT, you will end up on the losing side.


Who should retake the GAT test?

Ofcourse I am not going to be discussing about those students in Pakistan who spend a few days or weeks preparing for the GAT test and end up failing the exam or getting poor GAT results. For them the only chance to make it to success is by retaking the GAT test and avidly preparing for it to ensure they don’t mess up this time.


Who should NOT retake the GAT test?

For those of you who have scored above 90 percentile on the GAT, or fulfill the minimum criteria of a particular program or scholarship application should not waste any more time on retaking the GAT exam. Instead they should focus on other parts of their applications such as their personal statements, letters of recommendations, CV or resume building, filling out the application forms etc.

Plus in my experience if one has scored something like 85 percentile plus on the GAT, retaking the test may not improve much in terms of GAT scores. Yes it is true that he or she might get 90 percentile but is that going to be making much of a difference? I guess not – hence it would be more feasible and practical to leave it there and work hard, spend time on other important application parts.


Lesson learned

The final assessment is that of course if your GAT scores are below the minimum or the average requirement, then you have to retake the exam. Otherwise don’t waste more time, effort and little bit of money on it and hone your overall application.


By the way, students who use GAT 30 days Study Plan improve their scores significantly. On an average we have seen students improve their scores by 25 points.

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