GAT test score

GAT Test Scores

The GAT test is scored on a scale of 0-100. This is called the raw score. Every question on the NTS GAT test carried one point and there is no negative marking i.e. you don’t lose any points for an incorrect answer. Approximately 2 weeks after the test date you get your GAT score report at the mailing address you mentioned while registering for the GAT test in Pakistan.

What is a good GAT Score?

50 is the passing score on the GAT exam. However this does not imply that if you get 50 then you will get admission or need-based and especially Commonwealth General Scholarship based on these scores. Admissions and scholarship decisions depend on a lot of other factors except your GAT score. These include your GPA, letters of references, publications and area of research etc. A passing score does not guarantee success, however a score of less than 50 is definitely harmful to your application. It is extremely rare to get any admissions or scholarships if you score below 50.

A lot of GAT test takers in Pakistan claim that they scored beyond the passing marks without any preparation. While it is true that many would do the same, however due to the level of competition nowadays for these scholarships and positions it is very rare to get any successful or worthy results based on passing scores on the GAT.

You may take the GAT test more than once and chose to send the scores of your choice to the prospective program you are applying to. Retaking the GAT will not harm you in any way. In-fact a lot of times it is in your best interest to take GAT multiple times so that you are able to get a better score with the next attempt with better preparation.

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Your GAT scorecard will not only include your GAT raw score out of 100 but it will also include your GAT percentiles. The GAT percentiles are calculated in a very straightforward way. Your individual raw score out of 100 is compared with the scores of other students who took the GAT that day. The percentage of people who scored less than you did is your GAT percentile. Say if your GAT percentile for the analytical section is 65%. It implies that 65% of all the GAT test takers scored lesser than you did. Likewise 35% students scored more than you did.

A percentile of 100 is not possible. Your percentile score for the GAT varies with every test date since the comparison group varies. So for instance you took the GAT on 18th August. Your raw score on the analytical section is 35 out of 40 and your percentile is 93. However it may be the case that another student got the same raw score on another test date but got a percentile of 97.

Regardless, percentiles provide a relative means of comparing your GAT scores with other GAT test takers in Pakistan.


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