GAT Subject Test

GAT Subject Test

NTS conducts GAT Subject test for admissions in PhD programs in Pkistan. It’s also used in Cultural Exchange Scholarship Program as well as for Employment in both public and private sectors. This test helps to analyze, evaluate, solve problems, understand relationships and interpret material in a specific subject/field. The test result remains valid for Two Years for applying.
Applicant with a minimum of eighteen (18) years of education are eligible to apply for this test. Those people who want to improve their previous GAT(Subject) score may also apply.

Format of GAT (Subject):

Total No. of Questions (MCQs) 100
Total Time Allotted 2 Hours

Contents of NTS GAT Subject Test:

General Section 30%
Subject Section 70%

General Section Contents of GAT Subject:

English (Verbal) 15%
Analytical (Logical) Reasoning 15%

Subject Section Contents of GAT (Subject):
It varies according to different subject/Field of study.