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How Much Time for GAT Preparation is Recommended?

The duration of your GAT general test preparation is a very valid and important question that you should ask yourself before you start preparing for it. However when students in Pakistan ask me about it, I don’t have a single answer for all of them.

You could be a LUMS or Punjab University mathematician with a strong inclination for learning arcane vocabulary – one who gets satisfaction by solving Sudoku puzzles and devouring intricate analytical problems. Such a person shouldn’t waste time preparing for the GAT and should go and take the test right now.

On the contrary, most of us are not like that. We are ordinary students in Pakistan who want to ace this test and do well in their careers. For us the path is a bit long and one that requires a lot of hard work.

Start with a Practice Test

Regardless of who you are, you must start with a diagnostic test which is a mini test about GAT basics, just to see where you stand. This will help you gauge your current level before you start with the GAT test preparation.

How long have you been out of touch from studies?

If you just graduated, then you have the study momentum with you and your mind is sharp. For those of you who have been out of touch from studies since a long time, your brain may need a little academic workout. You can start off by doing some basic revisions. For example you can take some time revising math formulas and concepts that are tested on the GAT, and start reading articles to develop a reading habit.

How good are you with Numbers?

If your major was engineering/science, you will not have much trouble with the math section of the GAT. Just spend some effort on solving 8-10 GAT sample tests and you will be all set. If you are one of those who get tipsy when you see numbers, then start from scratch.

Are you Comfortable Reading and Absorbing English?

English – the biggest source of discomfort for majority of the students in Pakistan. And yes GAT English is not too basic. It requires two things: good range of vocabulary and reading with immense understanding of dense passages. I think all of us will be at the same level – basic. Hence read articles, essays and critiques on a daily basis. Target – 300-350 articles every month.

Do you Love to argue and Think logically?

The analytical portion of the NTS GAT test is designed to measure your logical approach in solving situations – how do you deduce and judge when you are presented with a set of missing information.

Spend every day reading and analyzing logical mind games. Highlight information which is missing and discard what is not pertinent. Make diagrams and label them to help you solve the issue on hand. Say you have some information and you have to derive a sequence from it. Draw it and then apply your logic.

This portion of the GAT exam requires tons of practice. Practice 10-15 logical reasoning questions each day and before you take the test, make sure you have done at least 500-550 analytical reasoning questions thoroughly.

Where will you use your GAT Scores?

GAT scores are required by the List of Universities in Pakistan, for admission and post graduate scholarships.

Your prospective aim plays a huge factor in how much effort you should put into preparing for the GAT. If you are applying for a common wealth scholarship, the competition will be high and you need all the efforts possible. The higher the competitive, the more stringent you will have to prepare for the NTS GAT exam.

Finally, after much working, I’ve prepared 20-days study plan. In order to ace your GAT level in quantitative, verbal as well as analytical, click on “Start GAT Preparation? button below:

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