How Long is the GAT Test?

The GAT test by NTS is approximately 2 hours long i.e. 120 minutes. However it takes more than 2 hours to finish the GAT test.

This is because you have to do a bunch of other stuff such as input some personal information. And of course you also have to check–in at the test center and then leave as well.

On the other hand, if you are a very intelligent test taker, then you may breeze through each of the 3 GAT section’s; analytical verbal and quantitative. In this case your GAT test duration will be less than 120 minutes. Below I have given the actual time it took me to take the GAT test earlier this year. I completed my GAT exam in the full-allotted time. So the question is: How long is the GAT test for me?


Checking in at the test center: 15-25 minutes

When you enter the test center you have to identify yourself using your ID card and then sign in. Depending on the efficiency of the GAT center this can take from anywhere between 15 and 25 minutes.


Filling in information: 5-15 minutes

Whenever you take the GAT test, you will have to enter in your personal information. This process can take upto 15 minutes.


How long is the actual GAT exam: 0-120 minutes

Of-course you can leave the test blank in which case it will not take you anytime. If that’s not the case then the GAT test duration is 120 minutes. 99% of the test takers for GAT NTS will consume the entire allotted time period. Remember there is no extra time and you have to finish within the allotted time slot. Moreover 120 minutes are given for all 3 sections combined so it is up to you to spend more time on a particular section if you want to.


GAT Experimental section: 0 minutes

There is no experimental, unmarked section or questions on the GAT test. Every question is marked and carries equal weightage with no negative marking.


Timed break: 0 minutes

On the GAT test there is no break between sections and you have to complete the test in one sitting. You can leave the exam room in order to have water or go to the rest room but you will not be given any extra time for that.



Checking in time: 20-40 minutes
Actually taking the GAT time: 120 minutes

Therefore from the time you walk into the GAT testing center to the time you walk out after your finishing your test, you are spending nearly two hours and 45 minutes at maximum. The GAT test is physically and mentally exhausting and I recommend that you take 4-6 full length practice tests to acclimate yourself to the testing time. Can you do it?

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