How to pass GAT test

In this page, you will get answer of frequently asked question “How to pass GAT test“. Passing GAT test has become one of the challenges that many graduate of Pakistan face now-a-days. Because the success rate of passing this test is less than 40%, so in this article you’ll learn tips and advises to pass GAT test.

Success rate of passing GAT test in Pakistan:

The passing criterion of GAT is simply getting 50% marks. In other words, if somebody obtained at least 50 marks out of 100, he would have passed the test. The interesting point is that only 38% of the people who appear for GAT able to pass the test now-a-days. So the majority has to retake GAT test.

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Reasons for failure in GAT test

Being an instructor of GAT since 2013, I have concluded that the score deficiency is only due to lack of using strategy of attempting GAT. The conclusion was based on some responses that I have collected from many students who contacted me for GAT preparation after getting failed in their previous attempt. The major reason of not able to pass GAT test was not having test attempting strategy to meet time-management effectively. Secondly, and most importantly, majority of people, who fail in GAT test, don’t have knowledge about GAT basic concepts that are important to start GAT preparation confidently.

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How to handle time pressure in GAT test?

The first answer to question “How to pass GAT test?” is to manage time efficiently. It’s very easy but requires your keen focus to some points that I’m going to write down.

Firstly, your strength will be your best friend during your test progress. Start attempting from that section which is your strongest one. Remember that, you can attempt any question and any section at any time during GAT test. There’s no specific time allocated to attempt a specific section. The selection is yours. Therefore, you must take advantage of this opportunity wisely.

Secondly, always attempt your weakest section at the end. Most of the students face trouble in analytical section, because this section not only requires more time per question, but also requires more brainstorming and logical thinking. So it is wise to attempt this section at the end.

Thirdly, you must develop a habit of reading a question, passage, argument or any statement of the exam in such a way that you would not need to revise that again. In other words, you should understand what you’ve read in your first glance of reading. Sometimes in argument and passage reading, many students revise some sentences that they find difficult to understand. In GAT Preparation plan, you’ll learn best reading strategies in order to avoid rephrasing and revision to save time from each questions.

Finally, while solving the question to find answer, your speed and accuracy matter a lot more. I’ve seen few students wasted their time in solving question especially math section. You must know short-cuts in solving different expressions and skip as many steps as you can as long as you have accurate answer. Trust more on your brain processing speed than your hand writing speed. Your brain is really a miracle, because it can process as fast as you want. But it requires practice that you’ll learn further in GAT Preparation plan.

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How to improve GAT basic concepts?

Before starting GAT preparation, you need to work on your basics, if you’ve failed in GAT in your last attempt. Without knowledge of basic concepts, you cannot develop interest in all three sections of GAT. To help you, I’ve made Free GAT basic concepts for beginner. This will refresh your basic concepts that you’ve forgotten after studying in schooling era. Furthermore, this beginners plan will develop your interest in all three sections of GAT. Because knowledge gives you motivation and confidence that is the major things to get comprehensive preparation and hence standout result in GAT.

Moreover, after this free beginners study plan, you will have some free practice exercise at end of the study plan. This will let you know whether you are ready to start GAT preparation with better analytical and problem solving skills.

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